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Ultralieve is an easy to use drug free home therapeutic ultrasound device designed to effectively support the repair of sprains and strains by treating them at the source.

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Just another quick thank you for sorting everything out with the Chemist yesterday, I was able to let them know once again how wonderful your Ultrasound appliance is, how happy I have been with the results it has given me and that they should tell every potential customer what great feedback they have had from this applicance. I was glad of the opportunity to share with the staff there in detail the benefits I have derived from mine because some of them did not know much about Ultrasound and it is a shame that people might suffer unnecessarily through lack of knowledge about what is available to them.


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Replacement 250ml Ultrasound gel for Ultralieve. Our Ultralieve Conductive Gel has been specifically developed to conduct Ultralieve’s ultrasound waves deep into the tissue.

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